Fiduciary Litigation Services from CPMT: Saving the World One Dispute at a Time

Litigation is one of the most misunderstood legal terms in today’s world. While its definition is quite simple, all of its variations and intricacies can make it hard to wrap your head around. Add the term “fiduciary” to the mix, and you’ll leave a lot of people puzzled.

As defined by Cornell Law School, “Litigation is the process of resolving disputes by filing or answering a complaint through the public court system.” The key word here is process. It’s not the actual complaint or filing–it’s the process of trying to get disputes handled, ideally outside of a courtroom.

A fiduciary is any person or business who is acting on behalf of another, typically in regard to money management. Trustees, probate representatives, executors, guarantors, conservators, and the like are all considered fiduciaries.

Here at CPMT, a large portion of fiduciary litigation issues we deal with are family matters. Perhaps a will wasn’t set up the way family members expected, or maybe siblings didn’t know that their parents had set up a trust. Disputes over finances and family relationships can be extremely difficult to navigate, but CPMT is here to help.

Family Matters > Legal Matters

Our approach to all fiduciary litigations is that the end result should serve our clients best. We want the families to have their disputes resolved and have their legal matters wrapped up in a way that everyone feels like they’ve won.

One of our litigation attorneys, Kevin O’Sullivan, is known for telling clients that if the dispute goes to court, no one wins but the lawyers. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients win. Regardless of how that plays out, we want to help them avoid court and the financial, mental, and physical toll that it takes on them.

Our litigation services attorneys consistently say that they are not in the business of solving legal problems, but in the business of solving family problems. They focus on family dynamics, solving the problem at hand, and coming to an agreeable solution for all parties involved.

Our litigation team members truly enjoy helping families get through disputes. They want them to be able to move on from the conflict and get to a place where they can heal from whatever has happened, but they can’t begin that healing process until the legal matters are taken care of.

CPMT Litigation Services

When financial disputes arise and relationships are strained because of them, you need a fiduciary litigation attorney by your side. Our team is available to assist you in resolving your concerns, and they will always do with your best interest at heart. Get in touch with CPMT today and learn more about how we can help you.