Do I need a power of attorney?

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Georgia’s Non-Compete Law: Do You Work in the Healthcare Industry and Does it Affect You?

One of the most common legal questions that medical professionals (doctors, dentists, PAs, NPs, etc.) are interested in understanding is whether the non-compete clause they sign in an employment agreement is enforceable.

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3 Advantages of Hiring an Outside General Counsel

As a small business owner, budgets are very tight, and the idea of having an attorney regularly engaged to handle the day-to-day legal issues that might come up can seem impossible.

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Do I need a Revocable Living Trust?

Good question. Many of our clients who run a basic Google search on estate planning prior to coming in for an initial meeting read about the benefits of Revocable Living Trusts and ask this question almost before I can finish introducing myself! Do you need a revocable living trust? 

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How the new tax law impacts your estate plan

Although we’re all busy with work, family, and the joys and challenges of everyday life, we are well in to living in a world with a new tax plan, and this is no time to ignore the necessity of reviewing your estate plan

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Expanding our team to benefit you

Seven years after joining CPMT, I am so proud and overjoyed to welcome one of my original mentors, Douglas Wessinger, and another protégé of Doug’s, Ritesh Patel, to Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner.

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Why Your Business Needs a Buy-Sell Agreement

If you got hit by a bus tomorrow, what would happen to your business? 

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The benefits of an M&A attorney

Buying a business is a large, complicated project that needs to be managed, organized, and attended to by someone with the skill and expertise to better ensure an efficient and successful closing.

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Our New Name & Brand

When Cohen Pollock & Merlin commenced doing business in 1977 it was, essentially, an estate and tax planning boutique. The vision was for it to be a “cutting edge” planning firm.

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