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We use legal expertise and care to provide a clear plan that brings peace of mind and confidence for the future.

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What is it like to work together for more than 40 years?

Since our founding in 1977, Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner, business lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, have worked with families from one generation to the next. Here’s how we can help you.

You got married and had children.

We helped you create wills.

Learn about family wealth planning

You started your business.

We helped you create a structure for it.

Learn about business planning

As your business grew, so did the challenges.

We fought for you when you needed us.

Learn about Litigation Services

As you grew older, you said goodbye to loved ones.

We helped with probate and estate administration.

Learn about Probate & Trust and Estate Administration

When your oldest got engaged, he wanted to protect his assets and future inheritance.

We prepared his prenuptial agreement.

Learn about personal planning

You grew your business, sold it, and retired.

We worked to get the business into the hands of the appropriate buyer, in the appropriate manner.

Learn about Business Succession Planning

Your children found a great piece of commercial land.

We prepared or reviewed all appropriate documentation and closed the purchase.

Learn about Commercial Real Estate

A developer approached your children to develop high-rise condominiums on the land.

We negotiated and documented the terms.

Learn about Business Transactions

And the journey continues – from one generation to the next.

Gain confidence & peace of mind.

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