A Foundation of Friendship: The CPMT Story

As we journey through CPMT's remarkable history, it's an honor to share the story from my unique view. I am the current managing partner and, more intimately, the son of one of the firm’s founders, my father, Stephen Merlin.

Reflecting on our conversation about the firm's start and growth, I'm struck by the values and vision. They have made CPMT into what it is today.

The Vision

It was 1977 when my father, alongside Elliot Cohen and Marty Pollock, decided to embark on a bold new venture. They had a shared desire. It was to create a law practice grounded in friendship and free from the politics of traditional firms. They laid the foundation for what would become a beacon of legal excellence.

Their vision was not just to build a law firm but to foster a close-knit community where colleagues feel like family.

This ethos is based on real connections and mutual respect. It has been a cornerstone of our practice. It influences every part of how we serve our clients and work with our team.

A Diverse Foundation

From its early days, CPMT was a niche firm. It specialized in estate planning and tax law. It added tort and family law through Marty Pollock's expertise.

This mix of specialties under one roof was rare. It showed the founders' commitment to inclusivity. 

It was also a strategic move. And it would let CPMT evolve into a full-service firm. 

It would serve the unique needs of wealthy individuals and their family businesses.

Embracing Change and Expanding Services

My father's anecdotes are about the firm’s early challenges and triumphs. They show a pivotal shift to a broader service offering.

We engaged in mergers and acquisitions. We did this despite initial hesitations. 

It showed our adaptability and willingness to enter new territories to meet our clients' needs.

This adaptability became a hallmark of CPMT. It let us grow with our clients and offer full solutions. 

These span personal planning, corporate work, real estate, and more.

Sustaining a Legacy

As I reflect on my father’s words and the journey of becoming the managing partner of the firm he helped found, I'm reminded of the immense responsibility and privilege it entails.

Leading CPMT is not just about managing a law firm; it's about stewarding a legacy—a legacy of excellence, innovation, and community.

My father's leadership is marked by dedication and a strong commitment to our values. 

It has been key in shaping the firm's direction and success.

Looking Forward

Today, as we continue to grow and navigate the complexities of the legal industry, our founding vision remains at the heart of everything we do.

We're committed to keeping the close-knit, family-like atmosphere. It has defined our firm for over four decades. 

We will keep it as we expand our team and services.

We celebrate our history, but also look forward to the future with excitement and optimism. 

We are ready to adapt to our clients' changing needs. We will stay true to the core values that make CPMT unique.

It's a journey of growth, learning, and connection. I'm deeply grateful to lead our firm forward.