How to Avoid Common Estate Planning Problems

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The Corporate Transparency Act & Maintaining Compliance

In most cases, the actual registration of the business entity is not the challenge. What’s more complex and time-consuming is that whenever a change in ownership occurs, the registration with FinCEN must be updated.

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A Mysterious Envelope and a Life-Changing Decision

A strong commitment to integrity and justice has always been at the core of CPMT’s mission and vision, but our dedication to those values was tested early on in the journey, begging the question of where our loyalties truly lie…

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A Foundation of Friendship: The CPMT Story

As we journey through CPMT's remarkable history, it's an honor to share the story from my unique view.

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Navigating the Corporate Transparency Act: A Primer for Small Businesses

In the ever-evolving landscape of business regulation, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) stands out as a significant shift, particularly for small businesses and family-owned enterprises.

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The CPMT Difference: Blending Legal Excellence with Compassionate Service

Have you ever wondered what makes our law firm stand out in a crowded legal landscape? We explore the core of our practice in our new article.

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Navigating Digital Assets and Blended Families in Estate Planning

Estate planning can get tricky, especially when dealing with online assets and complex family structures. 

As we live in a digital age and families come in all shapes and sizes, creating a plan that suits everyone’s needs is a must.

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Navigating the Business Landscape: From Interest Rate Shifts to Succession Planning

In business, certain factors can dramatically impact your success. But which are the most pressing, and how can you navigate them effectively? Ready to get a clearer picture of the business landscape? Keep reading.

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The Business Transaction Journey: Your Guide to Success