Dolly Parton's Dream Box: Planning Ahead

My whole life, I have loved Dolly Parton. She is an absolute queen, and she is a very thoughtful planner. 

Not only has Dolly thought through how her charities and estate will be carried out after she is no longer with us, but she has also picked her last song and the last thing she wants to say to everybody. She has locked all of this in a box and it’s sitting at the DreamMore Resort. 

The box is on the bottom level of the resort, next to the spa. 

Recently, I went to Dollywood for the first time, and the first place I stopped was the DreamMore Resort, so I could look at this box. On Dolly's hundredth birthday, they're going to open this box and release her last song, the last thing she wants to say to us!

See what else Kayla has to say about Dolly’s Dream box and the importance of planning below.

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