Probate, Trust and Estate Administration

When a friend or member of the family passes away, your energy should not be focused on court and tax filings, but instead on grieving. There is no need for you to feel lost or frustrated in navigating through the legalities of administering an estate.

Whether you need to file for probate, prepare accountings and inventories, administer a Will or trust or file estate tax returns, it simply does not have to be difficult. CPMT Probate and Trust and Estate Administration team will listen with a sympathetic ear, hold your hand in the months following the loss of a loved one and relieve any burden associated with administering an estate.


  • Probate
  • Estate Administration
  • Guidance for Executors, Personal Representatives and Trustees
  • Managing Estate Disputes and Claims
  • Estate Tax Return Review
  • Gift Tax Return Review
  • Trust Modifications
  • Estate Settlement

Probate and Estate Attorneys in Atlanta

Contact our estate planning attorneys for your probate, trust, and estate filings, and let us give you the support and help you need.