The CPMT Difference: Blending Legal Excellence with Compassionate Service

At Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner (CPMT), we have cultivated a unique ethos and community spirit that define our approach to law.

Our firm has been practicing law and working with clients for almost 50 years.

CPMT is not just a law firm. We treat clients like family here.

This sense of belonging and mutual respect is at the heart of what sets us apart in the legal field.

Our unique strength is our ability to both understand the law and connect with clients.

Our founders built a culture on two things: skilled legal work and trusted client advice.

Selecting the Right Team: Beyond Legal Prowess

Our approach to building our team at CPMT extends beyond just legal qualifications.

We seek individuals who can engage in meaningful dialogue and form personal connections with clients.

Our hiring process focuses on a whole-person approach. It goes beyond formal legal consultations.

During client meetings, we create a warm and supportive environment. We want to address your biggest concerns and dreams.

So we've built a team that understands and values this.

Equality in Service: Every Client is Paramount

At CPMT, we believe in treating all clients equally, no matter their financial status.

This approach is deeply embedded in our practice.

Whether you're running a small startup or a big corporation, we're committed to providing reliable legal support.

Building a Family-Like Atmosphere

At CPMT, our relationships extend far beyond professional interactions.

In our family, we celebrate important moments, attend gatherings, and help each other during tough times.

We treat our clients like family. We help different generations within families and adjust our legal advice as their needs change.

A Client Story That Reflects Our Values

One client worked with multiple attorneys at our firm for different legal needs. It was a memorable experience that showed our firm's values.

During these changes, the client always received excellent care and professionalism.

The client called and left a voicemail thanking us for our great service and kindness. They really appreciated it.

This demonstrates our committment to upholding our values and treating every client with respect.

Addressing the Complexities of Blended Families

In my job as a lawyer, I've learned that working with blended families is challenging. It's important to have legal knowledge and compassion for family dynamics.

It's important to have open and honest talks with all family members. Taking everyone's needs and rights into account helps ensure that they are all considered.

This process includes more than writing legal papers. It's about understanding and respecting each family's differences and promoting fairness and peace.

In Conclusion: A Unique Legal Community

After almost 50 years in law, I am proud to say CPMT is more than just a law firm.

It's a community where empathy, respect, and familial bonds underpin our professional engagements.

We go beyond the usual attorney-client relationship, building trust and caring for generations.

If you're in search of legal guidance that's imbued with a personal touch, I invite you to discover the CPMT difference.

Visit our website or reach out to us, and let's explore how we can support you on your journey. At CPMT, you're not just a client; you're part of a caring community.