Navigating Digital Assets and Blended Families in Estate Planning

Estate planning can get tricky, especially when dealing with online assets and complex family structures. 

As we live in a digital age and families come in all shapes and sizes, creating a plan that suits everyone’s needs is a must.

What Are Digital Assets?

A Closer Look

Digital assets aren’t just about online bank accounts or cryptocurrencies. They include your social media accounts, emails, and photos stored online. 

All these are parts of your digital legacy, which means they’re assets that live on the internet.

The Role of Law

There’s a law called the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA) that helps manage these online assets when someone passes away. 

But to make the most of it, individuals need to have a plan in place that tells others how to handle their digital assets.

Blended Families and Estate Planning

Unique Family Structures

Blended families, made up of step-siblings, half-siblings, and adopted siblings, have their own unique challenges. 

The focus is not just about dividing assets but also about being fair and considerate of everyone’s feelings and rights.

Talking It Out

The key to making it work is open communication. It’s about talking openly, preventing conflicts, and setting up legal processes that consider everyone’s feelings and rights.

Handling Digital Assets

Making a List and Checking It Twice

To manage digital assets effectively, start by listing all your online accounts. 

Then, decide who will manage them and how, after you’re gone.

Help from Online Platforms

Some social media and online storage platforms let users choose someone to manage their accounts if they pass away. 

This can be helpful but should be part of a bigger estate plan.

Every Family is Different

Personal Touch

Every estate plan should be customized to fit the family it’s meant for. It should reflect the unique nature and needs of each family member.

Merging Law and Emotions

Creating an estate plan requires a mix of legal knowledge and understanding of family emotions and needs. 

The law offers a structure, but the plan should also consider the family's specific wishes and relationships.


In today’s world, online assets are as valuable as physical ones, and families can be quite diverse. 

Estate planning needs to consider both these aspects. It should be legally sound and also considerate of the emotional ties within the family.

Take Action with CPMT

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